The Story of Gustro

The beginning of the road

In 1979, Mr. Lusiba was working for Printing and Packaging Coorporation as the Sales Manager. The company dealt in the sale of packaging materials and labels. After leaving Printing and Packaging Coop, Mr. Lusiba was unemployed and it was at this time that he decided to start his own company. Gustro Limited was registered as a small company in 1979 and occupied a single room in Kenda House on Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi.

Growing steadily in Kampala

Ten years later, Mr. Lusiba was employed as the General Manager of Hot Loaf Bakery in Kampala. With Gustro still on his mind he received his first consignment of books from Oxford University Press, 20 boxes of New Oxford English Course (NOEC – now obsolete). Gustro was now his private business and he attended to it after company hours. He hired 3 employees and kept working on the sale of OUP publications within Kampala. In June 1992 he left Hot Loaf Bakery and started full time as the Managing Director of Gustro Limited. Through Nile Bank Mr. Lusiba was able to acquire storage on Jinja Road, and later managed to sublet a shop in Madhvani Building. In 1993, Gustro Limited was appointed an official distributor of Oxford University Press publications in Kampala, although OUP had a head office in Kisozi Complex, Nakasero. In 2003 OUP closed and Gustro Limited became the sole authorized distributor in Uganda. As time went on, Gustro grew from strength to strength as Mr. Lusiba built relationships with other publishers and book sellers in the country.

Gustro acquires her own premises

After the acquisition of a piece of land in Old Kampala, Mr. Lusiba and the directors of Gustro Limited set out to lay the foundation of a building that would house the company. With patience and a good relationship with our bankers, Gustro successfully completed construction and as they say, the rest is history. Comprised of four floors, Gustro Book Centre is a stable, spacious and secure building. The bookshop located on the ground floor, is the wholesale section of the company. The Book Centre on the first floor offers books and materials on retail. East African Educational Publishers, our very first tenants have settled in nicely with an office on the second floor. Gustro Limited is proud to welcome the public to come and shop at our bookshop and Book Centre.

A promising future

Gustro Limited has succeeded in establishing an expanding a profitable market for books and publications, and is one of the leading book distributors in Uganda. We are looking to grow our business further through several projects we have our sights on. With technology changing every day, Gustro Limited cannot lag behind. In bettering our own business processes, we address providing our customers with faster and more efficient service delivery. The future of Gustro is sparking with opportunity and we at Gustro are ready to ignite that flame.

Gustro's Vision

To service all bookshops in Uganda. Provide Bookshops with books at competitive prices. Work with all publishers who wish to sell books in the Ugandan Market.

These publishers include anyone who would like to assist in education at the following levels:

  • Primary – Secondary
  • Tertiary (Post Graduate, University, etc.)
  • Technical
  • Non Formal Education