Here are a few of the publishers that Gustro Limited distributes for.

Gustro Ltd is the sole distributor in Uganda for Oxford University Press. We have been supplying OUP books for 28 years and we sell over 2,000 titles of their books. Our bestseller is the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

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Cambridge University Press is playing a leading role in today’s global market place, we have over 50 offices around the globe, and we distribute our products to nearly every country in the world. We publish titles written by authors in over 100 different countries. Our purpose is to further the University’s objective of advancing learning, knowledge and research at the highest international levels of excellence.

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Longhorn Publishers is a Company incorporated in Kenya with operations in Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.  Its main business is the development, publication, marketing and distribution of educational and general books. Longhorn Publishers is a leading indigenous publisher of high quality educational and leisure books in Eastern Africa. Longhorn offers a comprehensive list of publications ranging from pre-primary to tertiary level in a variety of subjects. Longhorn also publishes general publications under the Sasa Sema brand. Sasa Sema’s focus is on publishing new books, which make a difference in their format, content and quality.

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It all started in 1965 when two British publishers, Heinemann and Cassell, formed groundwork for publishing in Nairobi. In those days, the whole of Africa used to be a market place where books published in European metropolises were transported to and sold. Our aim is to contribute as much as possible in the gathering, packaging and disseminating of ideas and information through products that compare to no other.

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NCBA Exports Pvt. Ltd. is the winner of CAPEXIL (Export Promotion Council) CERTIFICATE of MERIT for excellence in export performance during 2009-10, and is a part of the New Central Book Agency Pvt. Ltd. The company is a well known publisher of books in Medicine, Sciences, Technology, Commerce and Humanities since 1921. NCBA Exports have a strong data base of Indian publishing to help, buyers to select their requirements in any subject. Subject wise lists and publishers catalogues can be provided on request. NCBA Exports also exports participate in all important international book fairs.

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As the world’s leading provider of science and health information, Elsevier serves more than 30 million scientists, students and health and information professionals worldwide. We partner with a global community of 7,000 journal editors, 70,000 editorial board members, 300,000 reviewers and 600,000 authors to help customers advance science and health by providing world-class information and innovative tools that help them make critical decisions, enhance productivity and improve outcomes.

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Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers was established in the year 1969. For a medical professional, the partnership with Jaypee begins at the undergraduate level. Jaypee remains every doctor’s trusted education resource for all his/her professional life. Be it undergraduate, postgraduate, ward round handbooks or be it the professional and reference books for practitioners. Jaypee has become a popular and trusted brand among the medical fraternity.

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KLB is one of the leading Publishing and state corporation in Kenya founded in 1947. KLB was initially established by the British High Commission in 1947 as the East African Literature Bureau, to publish books for the general public in Kiswahili, East African vernacular languages and English. This regional status continued after independence with the establishment of the East African Community (EAC). In the early 1970s the Bureau published many pioneering anthologies of English-language poetry from East Africa.

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The Jomo Kenyatta Foundation was established in the wake of Kenya’s determination to take control of the country’s educational publishing system and thus prevent huge capital flight. The mandate given at that point in time was wide and even extended to the East African Community. Our mission is to advance education and knowledge for poverty alleviation through quality publishing and provision of scholarships.

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Spotlight Publishers (EA) Limited, is one of the leading book publishing firms in the East African region. The company was established in September 2008 in Nairobi-Kenya, has grown to be a dominant publisher in the region due to its wide variety of popular educational book titles.
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The Institute is purely a research institution entrusted with the responsibility of researching into all aspects of Kiswahili language, literature, culture and publishing the results of such research.One of its strategies is promoting cultural diversity in the literary book market through translation.

Dreamland Publications is a publishing house for children’s literature. All sorts of books catering for the needs and interests of children are published by us. The authors of these books are experienced teachers/educationists who have devoted and dedicated themselves to the service of children by producing the best literature for them.

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Dover for the best selection and lowest prices on books for coloring, crafts, education, literature, music, math, science, arts and more.

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The Book Service is Britain’s largest book distributor, providing book distribution services to the UK and worldwide. It is a scale that has been achieved through providing book distribution services with operational flexibility, hi-tech handling systems and above all, an overriding commitment to customer service.

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AMREF’s mission is to improve the health of disadvantaged people in Africa as a means for them to escape poverty and improve the quality of their lives. Their mission determines that they work in six areas of focus, or Priority Intervention Areas (PIAs). 1. HIV/AIDS, TB and Sexually Transmitted Diseases 2. Malaria 3. Safe Water and Basic Sanitation 4. Family Health 5. Clinical Services, Disaster Management and Emergency Response 6.

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The Commonwealth is a voluntary association of 54 countries that support each other and work together towards shared goals in democracy and development. The Commonwealth is home to two billion citizens of all faiths and ethnicities and includes some of the world’s largest, smallest, richest and poorest countries. Over half of its citizens are 25 or under.

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