Modified: 12/05/2022
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  • will collect some information about you using technology. For example, when you come to our site your IP address and web browser information are automatically collected. An IP address is often associated with the place from which you enter the Internet like your ISP (Internet Service Provider), your college, or your company. This information is not personally identifiable. Gustro will use information collected through technology to determine which pages you view while you browse the site in order to make our site design more interesting and useful to you. We will also use this information to determine how many hits and guests we get on a daily basis.
  • We will also collect your e-mail address strictly to provide you with the information you have requested.
  • Please note that we do not share or sell your personal information with other companies and/or websites.


You should be aware that while you are on the Gustro Site, you could be directed to other sites that are beyond our control. Please refer to their respective Privacy Policies to learn about their online practices.


We encourage our guests to send us their comments regarding our products and services, however we will not accept or consider creative ideas, suggestions, or materials unless specifically requested by us. We are stressing this in order to prevent future misunderstandings about our company name, our design or projects. Please do not send us documents such as registration mark dates, company name similarities or any other unsolicited original creative ideas.


This site is owned and fully operated by Gustro Limited®. All the images, copy, design and graphics on have specifically been made for the site and may not be copied, reproduced, re-transmitted, distributed, published, commercially exploited or otherwise transferred without our written consent. You may, however, electronically store such material for your personal, non-commercial use by making a single electronic copy on your computer’s hard drive, a single copy on a diskette or a single copy in printed form, provided that you do not disassemble, disintegrate, reverse engineer or otherwise modify the Material. There other company names, product names, logos and clipart on the site that are the property of their respective owners.


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